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Insects in your Firewood!!

As cold weather looms and the increased interest in the use of wood as a home-heating fuel here in the southern tier of Western New York, many people are beginning to notice the insects that periodically emerge from firewood. Although there is not any real damage associated with insects to the firewood, the chance that some insects can infest your home can be curtailed.

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Pest Control for Fleas in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties

Nothing can be more annoying to a homeowner, and his pets, when fleas move onto your pets and into your homes. Summer is the prime time for fleas, but once they have a hold on your pet and your home, their season can go well into Winter. We have tips to help you figure out if your pet and home have become infested with fleas and the easiest way to get rid of them.

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Pest Control In Chautauqua County For Mice

Coming into winter you may start to hear the pitter patters of mice in your home. With temperatures dropping, mice have the same tendencies that you and I do, and that is to stay warm. Mice find easy access into your homes through cracks, holes,

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Cockroaches Can Cause Health Risks

There are very high health risks from cockroaches in Chautauqua county NY. Cockroaches can invade anyone’s home, poor, rich, dirty, clean, young or older. Microbes are carried on the bodies of cockroaches that can be extremely harmful to elderly people, and kids but also very healthy individuals. As the cockroaches run around your stove, silverware drawer, counters and anywhere else it feels like running around, leaves those microbes. These microbes can make you sick and cause different illness like asthma,

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